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In our effort to do our part in reversing the imbalance in our system we designed the Future Standard Issue. The design for FSI looks 40 years into the future, imagining the kinds of uniform utilitarian footwear that will be in use.

 Every country’s military aesthetic is slightly different and has evolved across history based on the functionality needed. In observing their idiosyncrasies, you can learn much about the historical context. 

From this perspective, we’ve used this 2059 Standard Issue Boot as a starting point to tell a story of adaption to using less resources without compromising crucial tactical functions.

The result is a more nimble boot. And applied to this design, a more nimble sneaker. The FSI allows people to consume less, but still express themselves and be the opposing force to the elements in their environment.

Customizable high top with a neoprene boot, and newly developed Vibram sole unit. Incorporates interchangeable shrouds for interactive styling.

The White pair includes an indigo dye kit, for distressing, colorblocking, or saturating the entire sneaker.The Shrouds utilize zippers and hidden hooks to personalize the shape and color of the sneaker.

Available in Black, White with Dye Kit, Green & Grey