Upcycle University

Guillermo Bravo and Seattle University are proud to present Upcycle University. This collection is designed around the love of basketball, fashion, and the desire to create something new and unique from retired jerseys, apparel, and sports equipment. When we take old apparel pieces and create something vibrant with them, we are honoring both the clothes and the players who once wore them in a new and bold way. See more photos of our process here. 


Guillermo Bravo is an apparel and sneaker brand with a design studio located on Capitol Hill and a collaborative sneaker store, CORRE, in Madrona. We inform a commitment to modern shapes that aren't constricted by gender binaries and can be reimagined by the wearer. A dedication to impeccable, sustainable construction and ultramodern design drives us. Our apparel flirts between luxury and functionality. Removable pockets, magnetized buttons, and built-in backpacks are just a few examples of the unconventional details in our most recent collections.

I came to the states from Colombia when I was seven. Being Latino and an immigrant I was shy and found it difficult to connect to a new country, a new world. Stumbling into fashion and basketball as a kid allowed me to feel comfortable in my skin. I’ve always been obsessed with sneakers and the idea of creating fashionable yet functional sportswear. The opportunity to collaborate with Seattle University Athletics gives me a platform to work on a long time passion project: to re-connect my respect and passion for sports and style.

 -Luis Vélez: Creative Director of Guillermo Bravo.


Stay up to date on our upcycling process and our upcoming pieces on ESPN every week and on Instagram, @guillermo_bravo_, @goseattleu. 

For inquiries, contact info@guillermo-bravo.com



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