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Collection No. 3: Architect Mom


I’ve always been a huge fan of architects and how they physically shape our world. I hold and admire them in the same way as athletes and artists that I revere. When we lived in Colombia in the early 80’s, my mom was an architect for the largest firm in Medellin. I was obsessed with her beautiful handwriting and that she could sketch things in perspective. I have no idea how she infiltrated a male dominated profession while having 3 kids in a little over 3 years. And if that wasn’t enough, how she and my father gave up all the well-to-do comforts life offered them in Columbia to move to the U.S. For us, Los Estudos Unidos was foreign in the obvious and literal ways but the emotional void it created was vast and deep. 

This collection is an ode to my own architect mom and the starkness you see in brutalist architecture. We’ve started playing with some marbling tie dye techniques that create abstract forms of color on fabric. They are a balance of technique, color, and letting things just happen. They create a juxtaposition placed next to our other pieces and bring softness to stark landscape. 

-Luis G. Vélez

Future Standard Issue-1
Botero Drawstring Trousers 2.0
Extra Cozy Long Crew Socks
Botero Drawstring Trousers
Asymmetrical Short Sleeve Button Down